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Leading Edge Management Products is a newly-formed venture whose foundation Directors have significant experience in the use of tools and techniques to assess the potential and development needs of individuals and groups.

Our aim is to provide modern, job-relevant and scientifically proven products for assessment and development which are focussed on the needs of individuals, groups and organisations.

At present the following tools are available:

  • Work Preference & Safety
  • Sales Orientation
  • Customer Contact Style
  • Preferred Culture

All of these questionnaires have two versions, one that is used as part of a recruitment process, the other as part of personal development. The questionnaires have been designed to minimise the potential for response bias and therefore tend to be more accurate than conventional questionnaires of this nature.

Research has proven that recruitment decisions can be significantly improved through:

  • Objective measures being better predictors of work behaviour and performance. In a hiring situation, the availability of Leading Edge product information, in addition to interview data and written references, will enhance the probability of making an appropriate decision by about 2.5 times.
  • Significantly reducing the probability of making the wrong decision.
  • Well designed measures providing accuracy and reliability.
  • Being based on objective results not subjective opinions.
  • Measures being directly related to the critical factors in a work environment.

For further information please contact us at ccs@ccspl.com.au