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The CDC enhances and solves problems in both Work and Life relationships, benefiting individuals and their organisations.

The role of the CDC's Career Counsellors is to help you through a transitional process of assessment, review and sound decision making. Our initial objective is to help you understand your potenetial, limitations, vocational choice and personality. From this information we assist you to develop realistic personal development and career options.

Features of CCS Career Development Minimize

During the initial assessment (about 3 - 4 hours), we ask you to complete a series of psychological questionnaires aimed at providing a significant amount of information which we will discuss with you during a subsequent meeting.

At this second meeting we will provide you with comprehensive feedback concerning the results of the questionnaires; explore your current situation; ascertain your preferred skills, work environments, evaluate any perceived constraints and identify potential development and / or career action steps.

Subsequent meetings depend upon the needs of the individual, i.e. assistance with writing resumes, how to target your job search activities, interview skills, interpersonal relationships skills, how to define the work environment that you are best suited to, etc. Flexibilty is the key to our approach.

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You may feel that perhaps you are not quite ready to start this process or to make such important life and work decisions. Rest assured that this is perfectly normal. We can help through introducing career decision-making elements to prepare you for further progress through this important time of your life.

Step 1:     ASSESSMENT (about 3 - 4 hours)

Step 2:     FEEDBACK OF ASSESSMENT (about 1 - 1.5 hours)

                 ALTERNATIVES (around 1 -2 hours)

Step 4:     REALITY CHECKING - Are jobs
                 available in the areas I have selected?

                 do I go about finding a job in the area of
                 my choice?

Step 6:     FOCUSING ENERGIES - what is the
                 most productive way of finding a job?
                 How not to waste your energies on
                 unproductive exercises.

Step 7:     SKILL DEVELOPMENT - This area
                 changes significantly between individuals
                 and may include things such as :
                 -             Preparation of resumes
                 -             Networking Skills
                 -             Telephone manner
                 -             Interview Skills